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1. Short Title: These Rules may be called the Rules of the Drought Monitoring Cell. (hereinafter called the DMC)
2. Definitions:    In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires
2.1 'President' means the President of the DMC under Rule 6.
2.2 'Vice-President' means one of the Vice-President of the DMC under Rule 8.
2.3 'Executive Committee' means the committee constituted under Rule 8.
2.4 'Chairman' shall mean the Chairman of the Excutive Committee under Rule 8.   
'Co-Chairman' shall mean the Co-Chairman of the Excutive Committee under Rule 8.
2.5 'Secretary' means the Addl. Secretary. of the Dept of Science and Technology under Rule 8.
2.6 'By-laws' means the bye-laws framed under Rule 12.
3 Members of the DMC
3.1 The members of the DMC shall consist of the following and no subscription fee shall be collected
3.1.1 Chief Secretary to the Government of Karnataka
3.1.2 Addl. Chief Secretary to the Government of Karnataka
3.1.3 Development Commissioner to the Govt. of  Karnataka
3.1.4 Finance Commissioner and Secretary to the Govt. Finance Dept. Government of Karnataka
3.1.5 Commissioner and Secretary to Government, Department of Science and technology and Energy, Govt. of Karnataka.
3.1.6 Revenue Secretary to the Energy, Govt. of Karnataka
3.1.7 Prof. Satish Dhawan, Member, Space Commission, Dept. of Space, Bangallore
3.1.8 Prof. Amulya Reddy, Chairman, Department of Management Studies, indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
3.1.9 C.R.V. Raman, Retd Deputy Director General, IMD, Mysore
3.1.10 Prof. V.K.Gaur, Secretary, Dept. of Ocean Development, Mahasagar Bhavan, CGO Complex, New Delhi-3
3.1.11 Vice-Chancellor, University of  Agricultural Science, Hebbal, Bangalore
3.1.12 Addl. Secretary, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka
3.1.13 Persons not exceeding 10 (ten) nominated as members by the Government of Karnataka to represent the fields of Meterology, Agriculture, Groundwater, Surface Water and Science and Technology
3.2 All members of the DMC other than ex-officio members shall hold their membership for a period of three years from  the date of registration of the society.
3.3 Where any person is a member of the DMC by reason of the office or appoinment he holds, his membership of the DMC shall terminate when he ceases to hold that office or appoinment & in his vacancy, his successor in office or appoinment shall automatically be a member of the DMC.
3.4 Any vacancy occuringdue to death, or resignation addressed to the President. among persons nominated undersub rule 3.1 above shall be filled-up in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.
3.5 Not withstanding anything contained in sub-rule3.1 above, the composition of the first DMC shall be given in the Annexures to these Rules.
3.6 The DMC shall maintain a register of members giving their names, occupations and addresses. If a member of the DMC shall change his address, he shall notify his new address in the Roll of members. But if he fails to notify his new address, the address given in the Roll of Members shall be deemed to be his address.
4 The DMC, its Executive Committee and such other committees as the DMC may constitute, shall function notwithstanding that any person who is entitled to be a member by reason of  his office is not a member of the
DMC (or its committees) for the time being and notwithstanding any other vacency, whether by non-appoinment or otherwise; and no act or proceedings of the DMC ( or its committees) shall be invalidated or called in question merely by reason of the happening of any of the above events or of any defect in the appoinment or any irregularities in the
nominations of any of its members.
5 Authorities of the DMC:  The following shall be the authorities of the DMC
5.1 President
5.2 Vice-Presidents
5.3 The Executive Committee
5.4 Chairman, Executive Committee
5.5 Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee
5.6 Secretary
6. President: The president of the DMC shall be the Chief Secretary of Karnataka State.
7. Vice-President
7.1 There shall be three Vice-Presidents of the DMC. The Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka shall be one of the Vice-Presidents The commissioner and Secretary, Department of Science and Technology and Energy shall be another vice-President. The third Vice-President shall be appointed from among the members of the DMC by the President.
7.2 The terms of President and Vice-Presidents shall be of the same duration as that of the DMC of which he/she is a member.


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